Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nigeria needs to learn to speak the language of standards’ on September 29, 2015

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Mrs Omotara Awobokun, has said that the slump in oil prices at the global market is a sharp awakening to Nigeria that it needs to readjust its economic programmes.
Mrs Omotara Awobokun made this assertion at the presentation of four “New Logos in Defence of Quality’’ presented by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to stakeholders in Lagos recently.
Awobokun said: “Globalisation has changed the game the world over. The slump in oil prices at the global market is a sharp awakening to many oil-rich nations.
“Nigeria, especially, needs to readjust her economic programmes and creatively exploit other resources for the improvement of foreign exchange earnings.
She disclosed that her ministry, being in the frontline in driving of Nigeria’s economic engine, has identified standards as a major variable in the country revolution plan.
“As a matter of urgency, Nigeria needs to learn to speak the language of standards because it is the world’s common language.
“Any country that is not speaking the language cannot play the table of global trade,’’ she said.
Awobokun, however, called on all stakeholders and trade associations to fully key into these initiatives in order to secure genuine business from being overtaken by inferior products.
“We will also be saving thousands of jobs, increase the quality of life of Nigerians, protect life and environment and produce products and services that the world will jostle for.
“We will improve our chances to compete in the global market,’’ she said.
Also speaking, Dr Joseph Odumodu, the Director-General of SON, said, “The war against adulterated, counterfeited and sub-standard products across the length and breadth of the country is actually getting complex.’’
“ Even as we are recording results and huge successes, SON must go the whole hog to stop fakers and counterfeiters.
“The four logos we present are part of our efforts to provide comfortable cover to all members of the nation’s business community.
“The new logos on Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP), SON’s Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP), Nigeria Industrial Standard (NIS), are marks of quality and Nigeria Quality awards.’’
Odumodu said that the new innovation would help to checkmate unscrupulous activities of economic saboteurs, who went to the extent of adulterating and printing fake SON’s logo on their products.
“With the new MANCAP logo, locally produced goods must not only meet minimum requirements of NIS, but also carry the new MANCAP logo.
“MANCAP certificate is compulsory for every product produced in the country.
“For imported products, we need to reiterate that the new SONCAP logo must be identified and carried on all imports into the country with the automation of our services electronically.
“We are calling on all to join this campaign to work quality and protect ourselves and the environment from injurious products.
“We must always resist and reject substandard products,’’ he said.

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