Friday, 17 April 2015

Senatorial Advice For Buhari: Obasanjo Will Ruin You Like He Did Jonathan

Senator Rowland Owie, former Senate Chief Whip, has told General Muhammadu Buhari to avoid the former President Olusegun Obasanjo 'like a plague' if he wants to succeed as Nigeria's leader.

Speaking in Benin city, the senator said: “to Buhari, I thank God for you, but you must deliver on your promises and also build on what president Jonathan did.

“Above all, you must run far from OBJ! (Olusegun Obasanjo). If he can’t control your government, he will fight you.

“He has done it to all former presidents of Nigeria and even against MKO Abiola who was not sworn in.

“Never! never! I say never discuss with OBJ unless you have at least two of your aides present!”

To further buttress his point, he reminded Buhari that “half way into the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan, a man who sees nothing good in anybody, except himself, Obasanjo, started trouble making by naming presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

“First, it was Governor Sule Lamido as president and Governor Rotimi Amaechi as his Deputy! A respectable Lamido, a founding father of PDP, was being urged to fight PDP.

“Obasanjo lured most PDP governors in the North into rebellion against the PDP to destroy the platform that gave all of them relevance, including himself. The hate mood in the North for this election against Jonathan was such that, any candidate from the North would have won the election.

“The anger was that power must return to the North. Nigerians can see that rebellion against one’s own and betrayer of one’s party doesn’t pay.

“Governor Aliyu Babangìda of Niger State, who led the rebellion against Jonathan and the PDP, lost his election to the Senate and also lost his state."

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