Saturday, 20 June 2015

Nigerian military behind deaths of 8,000 prisoners, says Amnesty

Amnesty International has called for the prosecution of nine senior Nigerian military commanders in a report that accuses them of responsibility for the deaths of more than 8,000 people during their war on the terror group Boko Haram.
The human rights group claimed the military had run amok during its six-year campaign against Boko Haram in north-east Nigeria, killing more than 1,000 people in summary executions.
At least a further 7,000 people - many of them civilians subjected to arbitrary arrest - had died of starvation or neglect while being held and often tortured in overcrowded and insanitary prisons.
The report called for investigations into the conduct of five high-ranking military officials who were in charge of operations in north-east Nigeria in the past three years, as well as two chiefs of the army staff and two chiefs of the defence staff.

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