Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What Media Owners Expect From Buhari READ MORE:

Tunde Adedoyin is the Managing Director, Media Views Limited, a foremost indigenous outdoor advertising agency. The outfit just launched the biggest LED digital bill board in Africa.
During the unveiling ceremony, Adedoyin spoke exclusively with on the challenges facing outdoor advertising industry and what Buhari administration can do to help media owners thrive in business.
What inspired your interest in outdoor advertising?
Actually, I studied marketing. When I came back from United Kingdom, I started my career as a marketing assistant in a Nigerian company. I had the privileged of working with the marketing manager who used to direct the communications of the company. Grand Advertising was our advert agency that time. When used to send briefs; they would go back to do the jingles, advert and returned them back to us. I was part of the process. I was the one delegated to receive them while we debate on it to approve or disapprove. I left that company for another one where I was posted to the sales department. Invariably, I felt there is a need to start my own company. I thought of an area I could easily venture into. Media planners were rare that time. We had mainly outdoor and advertising agencies. I thought of the cost of running an agency that has all the departments; creative, media planning, copyrighting, account management, in some agencies traffic, (and all these personnel have to be graduates with two to three years of experience), salaries, costs of billboards, among others, were on the high side, so I focused on outdoor. Fortunately, outdoor business those days was just evolving. The big players; Afro Media, Afro Links just started business. I saw more opportunities and prospects in outdoor and thought of replicating what Media links had done in outdoor. I resigned and I started inter media services with one of my cousins as the Managing Director. The company lasted for about six to seven before I resigned and travelled to the US. I returned to Nigeria in 1994 and I started Media Views. The good thing about outdoor is you can start very small. It is all about location. You can start with few billboards and personnel. I started the business with two other people; a driver and one other guy who was assisting as production staff. We started with few boards. I actually started the business in my flat, using the garage as production office. From there, we started expanding the business. We were able to rent office apartment and we are still progressing since then.

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